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Enhance branding
According to a study conducted at the University of Connecticut, co-branding can be a way to increase the favorability of something by juxtaposing it with something that's already positively associated. So associating something many people like, such as the local basketball team, with another “brand” like a school logo can make you appreciate the school logo since it is appearing alongside a widely-liked brand. Conversely, if people already like the school logo, joining it to a local business might create goodwill inpeople entering that local business, since it’s associated with the school.

Branding science has a great deal of influence over the placement of floor mats and other brand-associated products. For example, studies show that children get to know brand names better when they have some sort of visual cue with which to associate them. Recognizable spokespeople and cartoons often take center stage in branding or ad campaigns order to increase recognition and appreciation from children.

Branding is a science, but the basic principles can be applied by anyone in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. A business environment where customers or members are entering your space should be evaluated for visual cues: how often does our logo or business name appear in the first two minutes of entry? Are these visual cues consistent in terms of colors and fonts? The best branding creates consistency, trust, familiarity, and credibility. Companies ideally want to turn that first visit into a second visit, and ultimately create a client out of a customer, and presenting a strong visual identity has a huge impact on how customers become loyal to your product.

Customized floor mats present a great opportunity to marry functionality and lofty visual rhetoric. They’re a great way to turn any sparse location into a fuller and more realized space while being one of the first opportunities you have to announce your brand. When mapping out your branding strategy, it’s important to remember what would interest the majority of people using that space. For high schools and sports arenas, the mascot of the team or the logo of the institution is a great technique for customizing floor mats. Small businesses (as well as large corporations) can add their individual logo to custom floor mats for a more polished and professional aesthetic in their store.

Distribution of a brand in any sense is a great way to increase apparent business legitimacy, and custom mats are no exception to this precept. Even a simple bakery or flower shop can increase their brand image with customizable decorations embroidered with the company logo. The more people become familiar with a brand, even if it's just the logo, the more they are likely to become customers, and eventually loyal clients.
Custom Logo Mats
Customized military mats help foster unit cohesion.
Custom Auto Mats
A well-designed custom mat helps put visitors in the right mindset as soon as they enter your premises.

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