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Custom mats for schools

Custom Floor Mats
Nothing attracts dirt like children do! Custom mats are all but essential additions to any school's décor.
Custom Mats
Custom mats like these put school spirit front and center in the minds of students and visitors alike.
Some of the highest demand for custom mats in the United States comes from schools, from kindergartens to universities. This is because not only are schools large, public locations with a great deal of pedestrian traffic, but also because each school has an individual logo that can adorn each floor mat. Some of the most expensive orders of custom mats come from high schools, where there are often large doorways that experience a large number of passersby. These large mats help to reduce the risk of injury, and refrain from tracking mud and water into the building.

Another appropriate location for custom mats in school is in the lunchroom. Often for school and university employees, lunch and cafeteria situations require standing and serving for several hours in a row, just coping with different lunch schedules for the students – not to mention the time spent prepping and managing an industrial kitchen. Anti-fatigue mats are a great way to reduce the musculoskeletal stresses of standing upright for hours on end. The medical profession will tell you that standing on your feet for hours on end can exacerbate chronic pain conditions, and anti-fatigue mats have been shown to reduce strain on the body, while minimizing instances of many pains associated with standing. Many anti-fatigue mats are fully customizable, adding a decorative flair to the lunchroom while reducing tension in the legs.

Schools also have opportunities to place different kinds of mats throughout their campus; while a wiping mat made from durable textiles might be appropriate for the entrance to the administrative offices, the nitrile rubber “scraping” mats would be a more effective choice for the entrance from the soccer fields, since students might have muddy feet throughout the year. And branding might vary, as well; a university’s Dean of Academic Affairs office may choose to display the institutional motto to remind students of their purpose, which would be different from the Athletics department’s choice of the university’s mascot and team name, for their customized mat design.

Placing a school logo onto a custom mat has never been easier with digital technology. All it takes is some quick and easy online formatting with the school's crest or branded image available as a hyperlink or saved file, and a fully customized custom floor mat of virtually any size is ready for order in minutes.

Some university bookstores distribute their branded variety of custom floor mats, with the university name and logo often appearing prominently on the appropriately colored mat. These can make great gifts for an accepted student or their parents. Should a school not offer these in the bookstore, online custom mat distributors make the process of adding any image or logo onto a custom mat easy and efficient.
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