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How to customize your mat
There are a number of online sites that allow for the customization of floor mats, letting customers put virtually any image or insignia directly onto the fibers of the mat. The insignia on the mat can be almost any size over 2 inches and can take up at least two-thirds of the dimensions in each direction. That is to say, a 30" x 36" mat can usually have an insignia/logo of about 20" x 24". It is typically at the discretion of the producer just how close to the edge a personalized insignia can go without compromising the integrity of the image.

There is a huge range of possibilities for coloring and customizing floor mats, with endless options for slogans and graphics. In the same way that you can customize other facets of your company’s visual branding to visitors, you can customize the very first thing they see as they come through the door. Sports teams, school logos, or a cheerful welcome greeting are all common custom floor mat orders. Newer technology has allowed images from a digital camera to be placed on almost any imaginable surface, including the fibers of a variety of mat types. These custom photo mats are a great addition to any home or business, adding a personal touch to a conventional item.

There are a number of materials that are used to make your mat personalized to perfectly match your needs.Mats used primarily indoors, or in low-traffic areas, can be made from textiles and serve best as “wiping” mats. These absorbent fibers keep abhorrent mud and rainwater from creeping into the interior of the dwelling, and are designed to allow the user to quickly wipe their feet to trap dust and water, preventing it from tracking through your space.

“Scraping” mats are more heavy-duty, with coarser fibers, and beyond removing dirt, can also hold large quantities of moisture or are designed to allow moisture to drain through them. Some scraping mats are made exclusively of nitrile rubber, which are produced by “copolymering acrylonitrile and 1,3-butadiene in an aqueous emulsion.” You don’t need to give up your branding choices, either, when it comes to rubber mats. Custom printing is often still available, and you can still have high-quality digital images printed right onto the material.

Mats will always have specialized backing that keeps them in place, which helps prevent accidents like slips and trips. To keep the floor mat in place, the bottom of entryway floor matting is typically made of polypropylene, a plastic polymer that sticks to most floors, including carpeting. Polypropylene consists of homopolymers that are often employed in housewares, packaging, cassettes, and so on – it’s an extremely versatile material due to its durability and resistance to bacteria, making it duly appropriate for household use.
Custom Photo Mats
It's easy to put your organization's stamp on any mat – typically, you just need a JPG of the logo or insignia you'll be using.
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