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Customized mats make great gifts
Whether it's for a distant friend or a close relative, a custom mat makes for a great gift. As the category of custom mats is so broad, these gifts can be appropriate for a variety of situations. Some of the most common custom mats are sports-related, so if your neighbor is a huge Jets fan, then a door mat with the Jets logo would make a great gift for her birthday.

When it comes to buying gifts, knowing what you're getting into in terms of price is important. Small, custom mats can range from about $40 with much larger mats for less conventional usages (public spaces, etc.) can exceed $1,000.

Some stores are willing to cut and shape mats for you, but that is rare unless it's for a large order. Mats generally come in rectangles, ovals, and circles, but should you wish to add your own design flair to a number of custom mats, there are distributors willing to professionally produce the desired shape.

While you're most likely not going to buy your wife a custom mat for your 25th anniversary, OSHA recommends that mats be placed in front of doors to reduce hazards. The size of a standard door opening is 36 inches, so most mats that are in front of doors are at least 36 inches in one direction. Your standard doormat is about 24" x 36", but they can come in a large variety of sizes, too.

These potentially interesting custom floor mats are a very accessible (and often overlooked) gift idea, simply because they can say just about anything. There's an endless range of slogans that can be placed on these mats, and any family photo or funny image is fair game. With such a large number of possibilities, custom mats are a fun, decorative, and hazard-reductive way to give someone a present.

Some customized mats we’ve seen given as gifts have said:
  • This home is my castle
  • World’s best grandparents
  • Where all the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and the children are above average
  • Home is where the cat is
  • Never mind the dog, beware of owner
  • Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again
  • Wipe your feet – your sole will thank you

Mottos for government departments might be appropriate, too, for example, the U.S. Marshal’s office’s “Justice, integrity, service,” the New York City Police Department’s “Faithful unto death,” or the U.S. Marines’ famous “Semper fidelis”. Some of these mottos might make the right gift for someone who has served in one of those hallowed institutions.

A personalized floor mat makes a surprisingly thoughtful and functional gift to anyone, and has the added benefit of being a sentiment you chose and delivered right to their door.
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Custom mats make great gifts for businesses that your company has longstanding relationships with, too.
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